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  The Printed Book is available through these suppliers:
    Barnes & Noble     ~$16.75
    Amazon             ~$16.92
    CreateSpace        ~$19.00
    Lulu               ~$26.68
  The eBook is available through these channels:
    Gumroad            ~Free (The customer may choose their price)
    Lulu               ~$2.00

Expressions In Rectangular Pointillism is a pixel art compilation produced by Studio Momo. This book consists of a wide selection of pixel art by various artists from around the internet.

The aim of Expressions In Rectangular Pointillism is to help the OHRRPGCE raise funds for the further development of its game-making engine. All proceeds raised from the sales of this book will be donated to the OHRRPGCE developers in order to carry out various purposes in the advancement of the game-making engine.

For those interested in learning more about the OHRRPGCE, check out the Wiki here.

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