Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I Chalked Up a Basic Room Design Template for Makers in Need

On a related note, a community member needed some help drawing a better house. Definitely not my best work but for examples sake it will do.

And just for fun I made this, because the house was giving me a creepy vibe. Now to sleep.

Expressions In Rectangular Pointillism (Progress)

-Majority of pixel art is submitted, still waiting on response from a few artists and waiting on revisions of work from others 
-Half of the artists have completed their bios and sent them back to me, I sent a reminder for those who haven't 
-No artists have returned their release forms (I just sent them out today) 
-I have arranged 21 out of the 64ish pages of art for the book

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Votes are in!

The Pixel Art Books official name has been decided. It shall be called "Expressions in Rectangular Pointillism." I am now entering the final stages of the books processing. Expect the book out soon on Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Poll: What Should the Title for the Pixel Art Book be?

The Pixel Art Book is nearing the end of it's development. With this being said, I have taken in many suggestions for the book's title idea. Thanks to some folks over at Slime Salad, the title suggestions have been narrowed down based off of their search engine uniqueness. If you'd like to help vote on the books title, the poll is located here. The poll will be over at 4:03 pm (CST) tomorrow, so get your votes in promptly.

I'm excited to say that most of the art for the book has been submitted to me. I am just starting to organize, and format all of the art pieces. I am still waiting on a few submissions, but it looks like I should have enough pieces to get this compilation published!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Getting Tonnes Done Today!

I just finished off the first animated backdrop for Sunken. I'd upload a .gif but I'd rather just keep the creativity rolling and see what else I can get done by tonight.

Listening to a Little Erikino this Morning for Some Game Making Inspiration

Nothing like drinking some cheap McDonald's coffee while treating oneself to some Erikino

I love that sample too. Wish I could someday be friends with this guy. Everything I've heard him produce is great. It's nice to hear something that's electronic yet organic.

Putting Together All of the Battle Essentials

Last night I finished up with drawing both the enemy sprite, and the remaining hero sprite for Battle Mode. What you're seeing now is just a basic turn-based battle setup. I have some crude battle animations in place now which I hope to improve today. I also will be drawing the background, and possibly animating it today too, so keep checking back.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Pixel Art Book is Underway!

As of today, the Pixel Art Book has accumulated enough artists to make the book a reality. I have a wide variety of contributing artists procured from around the net, many of which are from the Slime Salad community. Each artist is currently working away on their pieces for submission. Some of the artists have even sent in some really cool stuff already. Here's a little teaser...

For anyone out there who is still interested in contributing to this project, it is not too late! Please email as soon as possible if you still want in on this. My contact can be found on the About / Contact page.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Art Album: Abstract

I have just posted this new art album to the site. Check it out here.